Sap ito

Hoi! I’m Sap and I’m a director,  art director, vis dev, vfx crafter, mographer,  illustrator, insomniac, proud dad, lover and cook. I also make music, but that’s something I only use on personal projects.
I love working with mixed media, experiment with formats and taking unorthodox paths to find out where they lead.
I’m lucky to be surrounded by pros on several multimedia fields (who also happen to be close friends) with whom I like to team with on several projects.

Cannot share a lot due to NDAs but I’ve been doing things for brands such as (listed in alphabetical order)
Antiu Xixona · À Punt Mèdia · Audi · Bankia · Bloomberg · Charles Schwab · Disney Channel · FIFA · MTV ·Mattel · Mobile World Congress · Moogsoft · Mustang · Nickelodeon · Salesforce · Samsung · Seat · Swarovski· TLC · TOT Industries · VoiceMod · Wild Brain


You can reach me out on these social media.
fyi Instagram is the one I use the most of them, especially to post WIPs, quickies..





I’m currently avaliable for freelance works and proposals. If you liked the works around here, don’t hesitate to contact me, maybe we can collaborate.

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